Leptin Supplements

Leptin Supplements

The goal of the Leptin Supplements are to help you with any of the following scenarios:

  • You've hit that proverbial wall and you're so close with just a few inches to go, but you need a little extra help to get over that hump
  • You've made some progress, but find that you are always hungry and crave snacks that let's say are fun but nutritionally bankrupt
  • You just starting and want to get off the ground running - i.e. get off on the right track so later on you can avoid setbacks

If any of this sounds familiar, then this is where we'll look at some of the current products to help you get the most out of your weight management efforts.

If you are a first timer (dieting pros will get this) then at some stage you will realize that one size does not fit all. There are so many variables that sadly you may have to do a fair bit of experimenting to find the right combinations of things that work for you. Plans "out-of-the-box" are a starting point, but you will have to customize them for your particular situation.

One problem when you hit that wall and plateau, psychologically you feel that it is working and then you get discouraged and typically seek out comfort foods that will cause big setbacks. This must be avoided. By taking the supplements you will give yourself that little extra boost and reduce the fatty/sugary carvings.

Another stumbling block to avoid is trying to starve your way to your desired weight goal. You see, if your body thinks there is a food shortage, it will pull out all of the stops to turn that around. It will turn on the Leptin cycle and you will find yourself in a war that you will likely lose. You will be so hungry that you'll have hunger headaches, you'll crave carbs (i.e. the low-quality types) like drugs - one Twinkie will lead to a case pack in no time flat, you'll have wild spikes in your blood sugar levels, and you may find yourself in a real funk.

It is best to follow the food plan in our recommended book (The Fat Resistance Diet, Leo Galland, M.D.) as best you can. In addition, the supplements listed below will help you with vitamin and mineral deficiencies, will level off the spikes which will help you feel full so you can avoid binge eating, and they will work to keep you from getting into a rut.

Have you been in the dieter's rut before? This happens when your body gets too use to a routine. You're eating the same things with little or no variety and you notice that the weight loss stops. This is very common and there are some easy counter-measures:

  • Take the day and night supplements
  • Use the shakes to replace a meal or snacks
  • Eat more apples! Eat a few apples each day. Plan to eat them BETWEEN meals. If you eat a medium-sized apple a couple of hours before lunch you will want to eat a smaller meal. Remember your goal is to eat several times per day but with smaller portions than you had been eating when you only ate once or twice a day. Apples are quick and easy with lots of variety so both you and your body won't get bored.

Lepti Trim (Slim Factors) Day-Time Formula

The Lepti Trim (Slim Factors) Day-Time Formula will help control your appetite, give you more energy, increase your lean muscle mass, and reduce those nagging cravings for fats and sweets.

180 count bottle

Lepti Trim Night-Time Formula

The Lepti Trim Night-Time Formula is a Collagen-based formula that works with your body's natural sleep processes to enhance inch loss ALL NIGHT LONG! Little fat burning can take place in the presence of high insulin levels, and levels are lowest during fasting. Your body naturally goes the longest without food while you sleep, and the Body By Design Night Formula capitalizes on these lower insulin levels to ensure that your body is burning fat and increasing lean muscle throughout the night.

16 oz liquid

Lepti Trim Meal Replacement Shakes

The Lepti Trim Meal Replacement Shakes include ingredients and nutrition to help metabolize fat, improve muscle tone, curb cravings and provide energy. By replacing some of your meals with these delicious shakes that come in chocolate and vanilla, you'll save time and avoid the dieter's rut.

30 oz

Lepti-Trim Cleanse

Lepti-Trim Cleanse , a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes is a powerful, dynamic formula to cleanse, detoxify, and nourish the body, while aiding healthy elimination.* These ingredients work together to support proper digestion, nutrient absorption and energy, and gently cleanse the colon of stored waste.

10.6 oz

* Effective cleansing and body detoxification is key to a healthy, balanced system.

Dock Of Health

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